We develops and manufactures cleaning, rinsing, drying wet benches (manual, semi-automated and automated), ultrasonic and megasonic cleaning system for processing silicon wafers, flat panel displays and other microelectronic substrates.

Use different types of chemicals either for cleaning, etching or stripping processes of wafer or substrates. Selection of chemical would match the parts or material based on its application.

We also provide services for re-furbished and upgrading of existing Wet Stations


Our wet stations are compliance to the following standards:

SEMI (S2-93) Manufacturing Safety Guidelines, FM-200 Compliant and provide a wide range of bench materials: SS, PP, FM4910 approved material (FRPP, CPVC, etc)



Automated Transfer Types:

  • Pneumatic Robot Transfer System
  • Servomotor Robot Transfer System
  • Linear Robot Transfer System

Process Tank:

  • Tanks sizes are built to accommodate the processes
  • Ambient tank, Overflow cascade rinser, Utility Sink
  • Low/Med/High temperature
  • Re-circulating, Filtered Tanks
  • Ultrasonic Tank
  • Megasonic Tank
  • Materials: PP, PVDF, PFA, Quartz, SS


Wet Stations and Carrier for Solar Wafers

Wafers Carrier:

  • Eliminating shadow mask of support pins
  • Eliminating water mark
  • More suitable for thinner wafer

Pre-Clean Equipment (Batch Type):

  • Remove impurity contamination, organism, and slurry for raw wafer.

Texturing Equipment: (Batch Type):

  • Process integration
  • Uniform and smaller pyramids
  • Low IPA consumption

PSG Equipment: (Batch Type):

  • Process integration
  • Improving cell efficiency compared to standard process.

Quartz Clean Equipment:

  • Remove chemical for quartz tube, quartz boat, quartz door, quartz parts

Carbon Tray Clean Equipment: (Batch Type):

  • Remove silicon nitride coating for Carbon tray.

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